Rima Elizabeth Horton was born in Bayswater, London, UK, on 31/01/1947 to a relatively poor Labour’s family. She has an elder sister and a younger brother as siblings.

    She attended a non-catholic, girls-only school of St. Vincent de Paul in Holland Park Avenue, which was run by Mrs. Reid and Mrs. Branley and had only 40 pupils at that time. Although it was fee-paying, it was still affordable to most people. In fact, a past classmate of Rima recalled that the school allowed a lot of theatre work, including a performance of ‘Dick Whittington’ at the Mercury Theatre in Notting Hill Gate, and that Rima “was always a character and spoke for herself”.

    After graduating school, Rima studied at the Chelsea College of Art in 1965, where she happened to meet Alan Rickman and start a relationship

    After graduating, both appeared onstage in some amateur productions and joined the CND.  Both fans of the stage, they played several pieces together.

    Rima became speaker economist at the University  of Kingston and retired in 2002 and became Labour Councillor. 

    Happy birthday Rima Horton. I hope, you get everything you want in your age.

    Good readings!

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